Psychologist Brussels Emmanuel Donnet

Psychologist Brussels Emmanuel Donnet

Symptoms of worry, stress

Human beings are by nature frequently subjected to fear: a threatening situation, moments in life categorised by uncertainty, and apprehension – there are so many moments which generate a feeling of fear or danger.

If you need further information, you wish to ask a more specific question, or you want a psychologist’s opinion of your case, call the secretariat to make an appointment or send an email to the secretariat of Psychologist Brussels’s practice for the attention of Emmanuel Donnet

Contacting  the secretariat of Psychologist Brussels

You are very welcome to get in touch with the secretariat of Psychologist Brussels Emmanuel Donnet (you don’t need a medical prescription to make an appointment with a psychologist)…

  • if you have an urgent question that you want answered as soon as possible.
  • if you need additional information for yourself or loved one.
  • if you want to make an appointment.

You can also send an email using the contact form below to get in touch with the secretariat. You will receive an answer within 24 hours. Hopefully you will also include your phone number, that makes communication a bit more effective.

Psychologist : Emmanuel Donnet

Secretariat’s phonenumber: 02  669 04 99 Psychologist and trainer in Brussels

Private practice :

Rue Félix Waefelaer  11, 1190 Forest.

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